Water and Wastewater Pump Stations (WPS & WWPS)

Leading Manufacturer of Pump Stations

Switchboard Solutions is one of New Zealand’s largest and most consistent pump station manufacturers, building over 100 wastewater and water pump stations over the past four years. We have built pump stations ranging from 63A – 2500A, with a capacity for one to four pumps, including a generator feed.

The design of our pump stations varies depending on the station’s location.

  1. If the pump station is “roadside” or outdoors, then the pump station can be manufactured in an IP55 enclosure (Aluminum or Stainless Steel – to customers’ requirements), with fan-forced ventilation and an enclosure heater.
  2. If the pump station is underground or in a position where it will get constantly hosed down or sprayed, we can manufacture the pump station in IP66-rated modular plastic enclosures to provide ease of mind to the client regarding the protection of their asset.
  3. If the pump station has its own above-ground pump house, then we would look to manufacture in IP54 – mild steel.

We understand that pump station design, components, and manufacturing may vary depending on local authorities and client or consultant engineers’ specifications, so we work hard to ensure a fully compliant build for our clients.

Whether it’s one pump station or a portfolio of pump stations, Switchboard Solutions is at the forefront of design and manufacturing pump stations within New Zealand.

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Switchboard Solutions is a Corporate Member of Water New Zealand

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