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Being one of New Zealand’s largest switchboard manufacturers, Switchboard Solutions can assist with:

Thermal imaging

Switchboard Solutions has provided thermal imaging as a supplementary service for the last ten years. Over this time, we have completed hundreds of thermal image reports ranging from jobs that include only one switchboard to projects with hundreds of switchboards.

As switchboard manufacturers, we are in the perfect position to advise on any issues found in your switchboards and also best practices to rectify the problem.

Electrical Data Logger Hire

Switchboard Solutions has numerous data loggers for hire, from a simple 3P+N current recorder to a full power analyser that looks at power, peak current, power factor and more. Contact us for daily hire rates and a full PDF report on your recorded information.

Switchboard condition assessment survey

Perfect for facilities/property managers or electricians, a switchboard condition assessment survey can provide a quick, easy and cost-effective snapshot of your switchboard portfolio for your client.

Switchboards are ranked on the age vs condition matrix, with recommendations being provided per switchboard. This report is also perfect for highlighting immediate Health and Safety issues on site.

Switchboard emergency breakdown service 

For switchboard failures or emergencies, day or night, Switchboard Solutions can help. We can provide a temporary fix until a permanent solution can be enacted or offer temporary rental switchboards to get you up and running while we get your power supply back as quickly as possible.

Over the past ten years, Switchboard Solutions has helped many organisations with emergency switchboard works, including food processing plants, ports, apartment buildings and airports.

Switchboard parts and components

We understand that switchboards need additions, alterations and general care and attention. Switchboard Solutions has relationships with suppliers in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United States. So, if you need parts for your project, call us to help source them.

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