Mechanical Services Switchboards (MSSB)

Mechanical Services Switchboards (MSSB)

Switchboard Solutions is the preeminent mechanical services switchboard manufacturer within the Wellington region, completing 75-80% of all mechanical services switchboards in the region.

Mechanical Switchboards are notoriously difficult to get right, as a huge number of hours need to be put into the design stage, reading, and reviewing data sheets to ensure that the mechanical design works.

Our clients come to us because we know how to design and build mechanical services switchboards so when they arrive on-site, they work as the client wants.

We had the following google review from one of our specialist mechanical electrical contractors which is a testament to the hard work we put in to get it right for our clients.

“…I have been using Switchboard Solutions to build my mechanical control panels for 10+ years and can highly recommend them for their quality and knowledge around switchboard manufacture…”

  • Can use Modular or Quantum metalwork (further details can be found on our page regarding Distribution Boards)
  • Depths can vary depending on clients requirments
  • Kraus & Naimer switches
  • Phoenix Contact relays
  • ABB Contactors / Overloads

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